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Car Insurance Nitty Gritty

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Why Car Insurance Is Important


Owning and operating a car is expensive. And, in the United States, owning a car is more often then not necessary just to get around. With a car comes a whole host of expenses. From the cost of purchasing the car to gas costs, cars can be very pricy. In addition, what many people have a problem with is the cost of car insurance. Car insurance is mandated by law, leaving many people to question whether or not it is important. Below are a few reasons why car insurance is important.



  1. Liability


As stated before, car insurance is required by law. This is because of one simple reasons, liability. The true reason why everyone has car insurance is because every person needs to have a way to pay incase they are the cause of the accident. As a result, your car insurance payments are mostly covering you when you are at fault. Car accidents happen more often then people think, and liability coverage ensures that your obligation as the person causing the accident is met. Now whether or not you can afford your own repairs is another matter.



  1. Collision


Once liability is covered, auto insurance breaks down into a number of categories you can either agree or disagree to add to your insurance plan. One of the most popular options that people add is collision. With collision, you are covered when you hit something with your car and are the person responsible. This is the most frequent kind of accident, and as a result it gets its own special category. Collision is often considered a smart move, as it adds relatively little to the plan while providing a wider range of coverage.



  1. Comprehensive


Where as collision covers one specific kind of accident, comprehensive covers a whole host of things that may happen to your car. Every auto insurance company will define comprehensive differently, and you should check with your provider to see exactly what comprehensive means. For many people who have just purchased a new car, comprehensive insurance is a must. With any luck, you can find a relatively cheap comprehensive protection to add to your plan.



Simply put, car insurance is important because it covers you incase you are the one responsible for an accident. Because driving is a privilege and not a right, it can be strictly controlled to ensure every person has proper coverage before getting on the road.