Car Insurance

The Real Need for Car Insurance

Do you need car insurance?

For many drivers, the answer is absolutely, for a number of reasons. Here, we will look at the need for auto insurance. Car insurance is not just something that you can choose to buy or not. Not carrying car insurance can result in legal action, loss of property, unpaid medical bills, and worse. Here, we will talk about the very real need for car insurance that every driver should consider before taking to the road in an uninsured vehicle.

It’s The Law!

Why do so many drivers have auto insurance?

Because it is the law, that’s why! In many countries, carrying car insurance on your vehicle is a legal requirement. Not doing so can result in fines, tickets, even having your license revoked or jail time. In the US having car insurance is a federal requirement.  Also be sure that you insurance meets the legal minimum requirement if you must have insurance.

Protect Your Property

Any sort of vehicle is a huge investment. When you factor in the cost for things like repair, maintenance, and gas, this cost becomes even higher. No matter what you have invested in your car, however, auto insurance can protect your investment. If you vehicle is damaged because it is involved in an accident, almost all insurance policies will cover the damage. If your vehicle is totaled, you may even be given the money to purchase a new one. Some insurance policies even cover things like rental vehicles while your old car is in the shop.

Protect Yourself and Others

What happens if not just your car is damaged, but you are hurt, as well, in a car crash? Without car insurance, you may be out lots of money for missed work, medical bills, and more. But with auto insurance, some of these costs can very well be covered. Just be sure to check the coverage on your policy after being involved in such an accident. If you have questions, contact your insurance company. Or ask them about the things that they cover in case of a serious accident. No matter which way you look at it, insurance is worth it!