Fee Schedule and Pricing

Insurance Pricing

Although we would like to be able to provide a price sheet, our industry is regulated in such a way that we must quote customers on a case by case basis. Unfortunately all insurance companies operate the same way and are unable to produce a specific price sheet.

There are simply too many variables to consider when a quote is requested. For this reason, we ask that you submit a quote request and allow us to go throught the pertinent material so we can create the most competitive rate we can offer for you.

If you are looking for more details on how we go about the process of quoting you accurately, you may consider the following items:

  • Fees for Auto Insurance:

As you know, the fees for auto insurance vary based on Year, Make and Model of the vehicle that needs to be insured. In order to give you a price on your auto, you will need to request a quote. We will consider your diver history and vehicle information and give you the most competitive rate available.

  • Fees for Home Insurance:

The fees and pricing for your home owners insurance will vary based on Value of the Dwelling, Location and Risk and age and condition of your home. Please submit a request for a competitive quote today.